Empty Space

by Statues and Stories

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7 sad songs.


released January 8, 2015

Kevin Kumetz (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered, Producer) at The Barber Shop Studios in Hopatcong, NJ.

Everyone who will in the future listen to this and buy it and maybe share it with a friend.

Special thanks to some bands and people I've worked with since starting this project:

Ambary Lake
Cody Kaczynski Photography
Refuse The Conformity
Lila Ignite
FM Waves
Gravity Calls



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Statues and Stories East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania


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Track Name: Stories
I used to search for comfort in the little things
Now I just find memories of your hair and the summer breeze
And I start to question the way I've spent the past few years
And I start to panic at the thought of a life away from here
The truth is

It seems like I've lost sight of where my home is
The town where I grew up's just not the same as it was

Cause we would down to the diner by your mother's house
It takes everything I have to keep from burning it the fuck down
Cause this empty chair in front of me just won't quite keep me company
The way you do. I never thought I'd lose you to the city

All we dreamed of was forgetting the past
Now you're living it again and I just wish I made it last
Cause who am I if I don't know who you are

The most at home I've felt in weeks was in my dreams
I can almost feel you in the driver's seat
You screamed about the radio, and the way
I don't love you like I should
Track Name: Constant Reminder
Well I woke up it was noon the pain was telling me to stay in bed
But the thought of you coming home meant I'd try my best to lift up my head
My feet are frozen numb as I stand up, they hit the floor it echoes through the halls, the empty halls
Everything is how you left it I haven't changed a thing since you've been gone

Will I see you this year
Cause this isn't home when you're not here
I've got so much to talk about
Cause I'm sick of talking to myself

I kept your letters for awhile but they got harder and harder to read
They're just constant reminders of the burden I was that you didn't need
You didn't want what I thought we wanted I guess you realized where you need to be
I've been lying to myself cause you're going home to someone else it's hard to breathe without you next to me

I should have been looking in the mirror, but I blamed you for so long
I was too proud to blame myself now man enough to admit that I was wrong
All I could give you was myself, it was more than you gave to me
But I guess it wasn't good enough, just another thing that I'll never be
Now all of this empty space has made it harder to find myself
And I can't fill this void alone. No, I've been waiting for someone else

For you to come home
Track Name: Expectations
You had a fake smile, stayed silent all day
You took your time and I took the long way
I couldn't tell you why I do all of these things
I couldn't tell you why I will never change

What do you expect me to do when I'm not getting any better
And you're not having second thoughts about the future
This much I know

You started crying, I said I'm sorry
You said I didn't mean it, like always
I couldn't tell you why I said all of those things
But I could tell you why I didn't say anymore

I know I said that I would love you 'til I'm dead
But I don't know if I can do it anymore
I know you've got it in you
I'm not leaving 'til you love me like before

It's so hard when I don't know who you are
And I hate myself
Track Name: Three and a Half Years
Across the moonlit sky she stares and wishes on the time that’s passing
I won’t let her go unaware, that I’ve been thinking about
Can I be the one who loves you forever? For always, I will say

You’re there for me when I don’t know my own name
You remind me that the world is what I make it out to be
You’ll say that I must have gone crazy
When I think that every ounce of hope I had has gone away

She’s got a fire in her eyes that could burn right through my soul Because it burns the same, and I wanna know
Why you’re not quick to trust, and you’re so scared, but I can say this much That I will love you until the day that I die

Let me write you one more song about the summer
And how the Autumn makes me nervous, but makes me who I am
Cause when it’s hard to leave my bed, at 4 PM and I’m scared to death…

You remind me that the world is what I make it out to be
Track Name: Statues
Lately it feels like everything's been done
Everything's crashing down at once
Lately it feels like I have nothing left
But monuments of what once was

I've been staring at these four walls wishing I could go home
But I could never leave you feeling empty, like I do

I stood like a statue in the doorway
The faint scent of betrayal lingered in my brain
And nothing was said except I'm sorry, I'm leaving
I swear I mean it

I know my home is not a place on a ma
But the place that you are at
I still don't know if I will ever find my place in this world
If I can't look to you for anything anymore

When my bed's just not as comfortable as it used to be
Or the ceiling of my bedroom just won't talk back to me
I'll always look for the letters that you left when you were away
Cause they make me feel like someone's here